Dale (dalestan) wrote,

On spending a whole day running around doing nothing.

I had a very full day tod^H^H^Hyesterday, but I feel like I did basically nothing.

The telephone woke me up about five minutes before my alarm clock was to go off; a friend of mine (I'll call him Ed, because that is his name) needed to go to the emergency room[0]. My usual form of transportation (a bicycle), however, is not suited to taking people to the hospital. I got dressed, got on my bike, went to borrow my grandmother's car[1], and went to pick up Ed. He also needed to go to the police station to get the accident report, so I took him there, and then to the hospital. I returned the car so my grandmother could run the errand she was planning to run, but instead discovered that she wouldn't be running the errand at all because there was a furnace guy at her house.

I got back home and spent a little time fighting with my new Ubuntu Linux install[3], and got basically nothing done.

Ed then called me again and told me that he was free to go home; the swelling he was worried about was normal. So I go get the car again, pick up Ed, bring him home, return the car (At this point, the furnace guy was gone, and the furnace was working again), and come back here.

By this time, it's almost 13:00. I have four other errands to run. Aldersgate's monthly deposit needed to happen rather NOW-ish, so it did, and I had a check to deposit too, but to a different bank. I did both of those, came back here, and commenced beating myself up for forgetting to buy shift cables for my bike, as I had just broken one on Wednesday. (I keep spares so I can fix my bike and then bike down to the shop to buy replacement cables.) However, I thought I'd try to figure out why on earth I had SEVEN brake cables. Determining that turned out to be rather difficult, since I had only five brake cables. The other two were shifter cables, so I decided that it was not necessary to purchase more. (I still don't know why I have five brake cables, though.)

That leaves one more errand; dealing with a credit-card transaction that failed for reasons of "The merchant (In this case, Amtrak[4]) wrote down the wrong credit-card number." There are three steps to this procedure: Fill out a form, stick it in an envelope, and address, stamp, and send said envelope. To fill out the form, a invoice number is required, and I saw no invoice number, so I had to call Amtrak to clear that up." That finished, I discovered that (1) sticking a letter in an envelope you do not have is rather difficult, and (2) attaching a 39 cent stamp you do not have to the envelope you do not have is also rather difficult. Off to the post office to fix both of those problems, and to mail the letter.

Then back (now, ~16:30) for more futzing with Ubuntu. This time, I was successful. Successful in destroying my ability to sudo, that is. Since root has no password by default (not "a blank password"; "no password". As in "There is no password that permits you to log in as root.") and I had not changed that, this presents a problem. It took me a while to convince myself that this was indeed an immovable object, but once I did, I pulled out my irresistible force (the install CD), and tried again. Of course, an install takes somewhat over an hour, and I'm leaving for an overnight retreat in less than an hour. But I figure I'll hopefully get the interactive part done, and then let it finish overnight.

We were scheduled to meet for the Mardi Gras retreat at Wesley at 18:00, and then head to Romney UMC. This we did as planned, but only six of us showed up. We decided to continue as planned, but cut it short. (Hence the reason I'm here now, and not there.) I had a good time, though. Besides me, there were five lovely ladies, and we spent about half an hour cooking: salad, pizza, brownies, "Monkey Bread" (another desert), then two to three hours eating. (well, eating and talking. Though I mostly listened.) What's not to like? After this, we cleaned up, and did a guided meditation. At this point, it's nearly 23:00, and the majority wanted to visit one the house of the ladies, to see her wedding and bridesmaids dresses[5]. We stuck around there until 24:00, the agreed upon time to return, and well, that's my day in a nutshell. We did spend some time exploring the church; it's a nice little old church, with all sorts of nooks and crannies.

I got in a little time on NFORenum, but not much. Today (Saturday) should be much simpler, and with luck, will involve a release.

[0] He was the bicyclist half of of a bike/car accident on Thursday. Looks horrible, and is moving like someone in pain and/or on massive painkillers, but no major injuries. The driver stuck around for the accident report, which is a very good thing.
[1] Sure, it's pink. So? It's got four doors, five^Wsix wheels[2], and all I have to pay for is gas.
[2] But only five tires. Think about it; you should figure it out eventually.
[3] I requested that it install the "server". I would have guessed that that would involve such serverish things as ftpd and sshd, and basic Linuxy things like ... Oh, maybe gcc? No. On all three counts. Or, if they're installed, I couldn't find them, and they have neither man nor info pages. I'm rather unimpressed.
[4] I do basically all my long-distance traveling on Amtrak; it's cheaper and more comfortable than flying, albeit slower.
[5] Ain't democracy great? Though actually I didn't mind; we also watched some of the Olympics (ice skating), and they have a quite friendly dog of the type that Dale is not allergic too.
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