Dale (dalestan) wrote,

On Spring

Spring has officially sprung; I was out playing Ultimate Frisbee last night. Two games, both three on three, which is about the smallest sane game. On a nice field of alternate wet grass and mud. I've blogged previously about what happens when you combine Dale, Ultimate, and a wet, muddy field, so I won't repeat too much of that.
I think only one person ended up on the ground yesterday, but he^H^HI definitely more than made up for everyone else's dislike of the ground. My most impressive fall was when I'm charging along after the Frisbee and my right foot decided it needed to come forward somewhere to the left of my left foot. Anyone who has tried this knows that this usually results in the right foot getting caught behind the left ankle, and this time was no different.
Now ask me what parts of me hurt.
Go ahead. Ask.
The tip of my left middle finger. From a lousy catch while we were tossing the Frisbee before the game. Tripping over my own two feet while charging along at full tilt? No injury except to my pride. An hour and a half of chasing a flying disk and the only injury I get is in the first fifteen minutes, when we aren't even playing. Please don't ask how I manage that.
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