Dale (dalestan) wrote,

On "it"

A little over a month ago I blogged about being drafted into tech-support making "it" work.

"It" now has a name: "Scan The Van", and a website.

Several hours of today were spent working on turning said van into something more closely resembling a mobile scanning operation. Westfalias are excellent vehicles for this procedure, since they have *two* 12V batteries[0], a built-in fridge, and a camper mode that sleeps three to five, depending on how friendly you feel like being.

There are still some issues, though. Our record for today is:

Problem: The auxiliary battery is a crank battery.[1]
Resolution: Replaced old auxiliary battery with a 100 Ah deep-cycle battery.

Problem: There were no 120V outlets in the Westie.
Resolution: Installed two 120V outlets in the Westie, powered by a "700 watt" (560 watt continuous, 700 watt for five minutes, 1000 watt peak) inverter.[2][3]

Problem: The left-front turn signal is burnt out.
Resolution: Cannot reproduce problem in driveway.

Problem: The clamp for the positive terminal of the aux battery is broken (albeit functional).
Reason: Existing problem that we were not aware of until we replaced the battery.
Proposed resolution: Visit $LOCAL_CAR_STORE, purchase new battery clamps.

Problem: Dale's back does not like him.
Reason: 100 Ah car batteries weigh around 80 pounds (35 kg).
Proposed resolution: Do not carry 100 Ah car batteries up a flight of stairs unnecessarily.

Problem: It is no longer possible to power the fridge from the aux battery.
Reason: Fridge socket is no longer connected to aux battery.
Proposed resolution: Reconnect fridge socket to aux battery.

So I think that's three problems fixed and three new ones. Hmm... Maybe today wasn't as productive as I thought.

[0] One battery for starting the engine and running the essential electronics, and one for running the fridge and florescent lights. And a 120 amp alternator to recharge the batteries.
[1] Meaning we could use it run the computer equipment, but only for extremely short periods of time, unless we wanted to either run the engine or kill the battery.
[2] I think need to up the dosage on the cynicism supplements. I saw "700 Watt" and automatically assumed that meant 700 watt continuous, which should be more than enough. I'm not so sure about the 560 watt rating.
[3] No, I do not have the manual in front of me. No, I have not seen the manual since I first set the thing up about eight hours ago. Yes, I read the manual, but only once.
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