Dale (dalestan) wrote,

On my craziest moment this summer.

Yesterday, I was in a group that was sharing our craziest moments this summer. Not to imply that my summer was anything that vaguely resembles sane, but that was a pretty easy one for me.

The moment in question is closely related to that image over -------> there. For part of the summer, we drove the van on the right. Then, in Savannah, Georgia, we saw the van on the left, and noticed it was for sale. Now, there are three of us, of which exactly one drives a stick-shift, and the new-to-us one was ... you guessed it. A stick-shift. Does that stop my cousin from purchasing it? No. Of course not. Does this mean that either of the other two learn how to drive a stick-shift. No. Of course not.
All this means is that Dale gets to drive a 1993 Volkswagen van (overweight and underpowered, here we come) from Savannah to West Lafayette, by way of Elkton, Maryland, which is, if anything, further from West Lafayette than Savannah is.

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