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On Saki IM

I recently, for not particularly good reasons, decided to install the Facebook IM app, which is powered by Saki. Not too long after that, I discovered that (1) There was apparently no Ga^H^HPidgin[0] plugin for Saki, and (2) there is a standalone IM app.

Since I'm pretty strict about not using Firefox as an IM client[1], I grudgingly[2] downloaded and installed the IM app. This went fine, although I had to click several times on "Thanks, but I've already registered", both before downloading and after completing the install.
Yeah. About that. The "completing the install" bit. It asked for my login, which I provided, and then it asked (I'm paraphrasing here) "Do you want to install the Saki IM client for your PC?"

Do I want to *what*? Didn't I just do that? OK, fine. Go ahead. At which point it downloads[3] and runs yet another .msi file. The install completes. Maybe. Now it wants permission to download and install Adobe Flash Player. ... Um ... Noooo. It's already installed, thank you. Which it evidently was, since nothing broke when I clicked no. Then it asks for the login info. Again. Which I provide. Again. Now it starts asking me more questions: "Do you want to install and run 'owl'?" "Do you want to install and run 'friends'?"[4] "Do you want to install and run 'weather'?" "Do you want...?" Every time I click on anything at all, I have to specify whether I want to install and run it, or just run it. And, of course, after I select one of those, I have to compile whatever it is I just downloaded before I can use it.

You might say I am somewhat less than impressed. You might also say that Antarctica has been known to be slightly chilly in winter.

[0] One of these days I'll remember what that program is called. But for something like three years, I think, I knew it as Gaim.
[1] "For the right job, use the right tool."[5]
[2] The right tool for IM is Pidgin.
[3] Using IE, of course, because everyone always uses IE! I don't[1], just in case that wasn't obvious, and forcing it down my throat is an excellent way to make me ... unhappy. To put it mildly. I'm not quite sure why IE is still allowed to speak to the Internet, period.
[4] This is an IM client, mind you. An IM client where you can only talk to your friends.
[5] Of course, if it's not the right job, you can use anything you want. No one ever mentions that little detail, though.

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