Dale (dalestan) wrote,

On spinning ones wheels

Or, as some more concisely refer to it, "biking".

Bikers for Jesus officially starts this Friday evening, with those of us who are here driving up to South Bend, where we'll start biking on Saturday. We'll get to Macinack City after 6 1/2 days, and 413 miles, of biking, and then spend the rest of Friday on the island.

Currently, we're expecting 18 bikers, plus our sag driver, which is five more people than last year.

Two of those eighteen, however, have decided that 413 miles is not enough. Those two are adding a 120 mile ride from West Lafayette to South Bend, starting Friday at about 6 AM, and finishing in South Bend about twelve hours later.
One of those two is a guy who routinely puts on more than 5,000 miles (yes, five thousand) each year.
Yes, I am the other, and yes, I know I'm insane. In my defense, it was his idea, not mine. Everyone I talk to tells me one of two things:
1) "You're insane."
2) "You'll do fine."
I'm thoroughly in agreement on the first point, but still unconvinced on the second. This will be a 50% increase on my current record for longest day, 80 miles, which I set on last year's bike trip.

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